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Your presentation on the land is quite likely the most honest and real hour of conversation I've had since I came here last year.
I feel that in some ways this land has been scraped bare. But there are still many guardians - always lovely to meet one!

- Kris

The second time I met Michelle was when we were on a virtual panel in November 2020 hosted by the University of Calgary Amnesty International club on the topic "How to take meaningful action for human and social change via digital ``. I was very impressed by what Michelle was saying. The other two panelists were coming from an academic angle whereas Michelle gave practical hands on advice and tips that the viewers could take away and complete the actions the next day


Michelle Robinson and Native Calgarian podcast has been invaluable to me as a settler learning about Indigenous issues, especially relating to Alberta, Canada. I highly recommend listening to the podcast, joining the book club, and hiring Michelle for any of their education or consultation services. You will not be disappointed.


I have taken Native Calgarian's land acknowledgement workshop and highly recommend it to any group, organization or business looking to start their reconciliation journey. Michelle is a tireless and inspiring activist, passionate about human rights, and a wonderful public speaker. I can't say enough good things about her! 


I have also been a part of Chapters and Chat book club for over 3 years now and find it to be such a valuable way of learning about the true history of this country. Michelle is so knowledgeable, honest, and generous in talking about the texts and books we read and I encourage Settlers to attend the meetings as well as just read the books. The discussions are very informative and challenging - which is what white society needs right now.